Workforce Imbalance or Skills Gap

How bad is it?

A June, 2009 study called "The economic cost of the US education gap" by McKinsey & Company has pegged the cost of the skills and education gap in the US at $2.3 trillion dollars of lost annual economic output.

The full McKinsey study is available in: The McKinsey Quarterly

"Boiling point? The skills gap in U.S. Manufacturing", a 2011 study, conducted by Deloitte Development and the Manufacturing Institute, states that as many as 600,000 high wage jobs are currently going unfilled because companies can not find people with the right skills.

The full Deloitte study is available at: The Manufacturing Institute

What are we doing locally?

Hudson Valley Focus principals, Tom Sipos and Ollie Johnson have worked on these skills gap and education issues for many years. Some of our current initiatives include working with The Council of Industry of Southeastern New York to promote an understanding that manufacturing is a vital and growing part of our regional economy. This fact is unknown to far too many people, including educators and politicians. As a result, some of our public schools have all but abandoned the basic skills training required for graduates to pursue careers in manufacturing and the trades. Yes, these are viable, long term career paths that pay a living wage and most often provide full benefits!