The HV Focus team has been working together pursuing excellence and quality of life issues in the Mid-Hudson Valley for the past 20 years. We have lived in and observed the workings of the communities that make up this area for more than a half-century, and often participated in a wide range of activities to have our community be a place where all can succeed.

Specific skills we have relative to the challenges the area faces are:

  • Facilitation - the designing and conducting of workshops and meetings to gain the involvement of a broad spectrum of the community
  • Action Evoking - The translation of challenges to possible solutions to feasibility to commitment to action to results
  • Analysis - In today's society with an culture of placing blame and playing it safe, we dig deeper than the sound bites to uncover the underlying issues and foster actions and solutions
  • Connectedness - Our extensive participation in economic and workforce issues and organizations that deal with them has created connections with leaders across the area. During the 17 years of Hudson Valley Focus radio show, we have had well over 500 guests who covered a wide range of community oriented topics.
  • Principles - Our active concern for personal and business integrity has resulted in the development of a theme of business integrity within the School of business at New Paltz. We often speak on this topic to leadership development groups as well.
  • Independence - We have no careers to protect, no organizations to pay allegiance to. Our interests are to enhance the quality of life, including the economic life, of the Valley.