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The following links are made available as background to the Education Aspiration initiative. Regarding multiple intelligences: is a website of Thomas Armstrong, who bases his work on that of Howard Gardner, the originator of the multiple intelligences theory. Both have written books on the subject. is a website for the Alliance for Excellent Education article on "The High Cost of High School Dropouts" article "The economic cost of the US education gap" quantifies the US education gap at about 2.3 trillion dollars per year. That is one trillion dollars more than the deficit. It is 15 % of our GDP. It is almost as much as the federal tax collection total. is the bureau of labor statistics. To see a picture of trends, look at the data by selecting a month and plotting that month for a series of years. is a New York Post story referring to a Colin Powell report on improvements in graduation rates. Note the numbers regarding 'college or career ready'.

Powell's organization is called America's Promise Alliance, and one of the features is called GradNation.

New York Times Article of February 12, 2012 "Mooresville's Shining Example" about Mooresville NC Schools & progress:
"Mooresville's Shining Example"

Mooresville's own website:

Great Schools Website:

A book entitled "Identity: Your Passport to Success", by Stedman Graham: "Identity: Your Passport to Success"
and a booklet by Stedman Graham, "Identity Passport to Freedom (Nine-Step Success Process)" (2011):
"Identity Passport to Freedom (Nine-Step Success Process)"

A PBS 4/6/12 interview with Cecilia Rouse on the dropout rate. Cecelia is an Economics Professor at Princeton and has been working with education issues both in the Bush and Obama administrations.

Dropping in: An innovative program tries to get drop-outs back in school. A PBS program about Philadelphia's re-engagements with dropouts.