People Preparedness

For anyone to succeed at anything, a certain amount of preparedness is required. Furthermore, each generation is confronted with new and different circumstances than their parents. And within a generation, the requirements to provide value often change significantly during one's lifetime, and perhaps several times during a working lifetime.

The degree to which one prepares oneself for the next step in life makes it easier or harder to adjust to the changes, and either to be prepared for the changes, or on the other extreme be surprised and disadvantaged by the changes.

Some fundamental building blocks for achieving a rewarding career beginning are:

  • Learning to learn
  • Learning to think
  • Learning the social skills to work with others
  • Learning the elements in communications, written, oral and non-verbal
  • Learning the basics in math, science, logic, etc.
  • Being able to do things with one's hands, e.g. drive a nail or make an omelet.
  • Being courteous, respectful, pleasant, honest, sincere, clear, etc.
Each branch of work has different requirements, and some have legal requirements as well, such as degrees and licenses. Having a high school or college diploma does not necessarily mean a person is prepared to perform in a particular job and career.

The prepared person of the 21st century is always improving his/her qualifications to take advantage of changes as new opportunities.