Objectives - 2012

  1. To restore the 30,000 jobs lost in the Dutchess, Orange, Ulster Region. To do so requires creating an understanding that the majority of job creation is from organic growth in existing firms. There is no "Engine of the Economy." It is about people.
  2. To work to create a fertile environment, or a healthy Eco-system, in which existing and new businesses can grow and flourish.
  3. To develop a culture that promotes long term, environmentally sound economic development methods.
  4. To increase the purchasing power and living standards for all.
  5. To identify impediments to our region's success and innovate ways to overcome those impediments.
  6. To use all means of communication to dispel the myths about our economy, jobs and learning for individual success in life.
  7. To facilitate better alignment between the needs of businesses and the skill sets of employees.
  8. To promote a better alignment of public education to meet individual's needs. The student is the customer.
  9. To constantly promote the concept of Life Long Learning throughout our multiple stages of life.
  10. To end the stigma and discrimination directed at those who do not see college as their current pathway toward learning.
  11. To openly promote industrial arts and career and technical training as vital parts of our society.
  12. To create a regional culture of entrepreneurship and self sufficiency.
  13. To capture ideas that can result in increased economic activity at any level.
  14. To facilitate strategic partnerships between entities or individuals to create new economic activity.
  15. To foster a stepping stone strategy for work, learning and experience so that each person can continually grow their capabilities, value and earnings as they progress from one position to the next.