Our Mission

The mission we have chosen is to fill in the missing information, action and concentration on results that lead to fulfilling our shared vision for the area. We intend to augment, and not duplicate efforts of other entities. We intend to collaborate with other entities, and not to build another agency or other formal structure. We do intend to work with Radio and other media to inform the public and generate public dialog about the current status and trends of our area. This heightened public awareness and engagement is already leading to more involvement of our citizenry in the creation of a better future for ourselves and our descendants.

Our principal value is to identify those missing responsibilities, actions and outcomes that are in the way of achieving the vision for the valley.

Just one example of this is in the shortage of skilled workers in the manufacturing area. Of the well over 100 members of the Council of Industry, nearly all have unmet needs of skilled workers today, and a growing requirement for skilled workers for at least the next decade. To the extent that these needs are not met, some businesses will be forced to close, others to curtail their operations, and yet others will not be able to meet their growth opportunities. Our involvement includes:

  • Creating a public awareness of this problem for businesses and their restricted contribution to the local economy.
  • Creating a public awareness of the lost opportunity for potential workers, and the potential to increase the employment rate and payroll in the area.
  • Identifying and communicating a clear career option for our youth to choose, and engaging schools, parents and the public at large in overcoming the stigma associated with hands-on training and work.
  • Sizing the need for skilled workers, and validating the skill development pathways to assure that there will be sufficient numbers of skills required for the businesses in our area.
  • Tracking the implementation of various actions to assure the quality and quantity of skills will be available to meet the ongoing demand and the economic growth targets.