Oliver (Ollie) W. Johnson

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Cell: (845) 546-7072


Seasoned manager, executive and consultant in producing exceptional business results. Excellent at strategic thinking and getting agreement on strategic direction. Accomplished at selling, managing and completing challenging projects. Experience, composure and confidence in working with any level of executive in challenging and sensitive circumstances. Trainer and coach of exceptional facilitators for over 20 years.

Business Accomplishments

Business Ownership Highlights

Partner in Hudson Valley Focus, fostering communication, collaboration and cooperation in economic health and quality of life in the area.

Founder and principal of Johnson & Mabie, a management consulting firm specializing in helping large companies produce breakthrough results.

Consulting Highlights

Worked with the head of refining and marketing for a major energy company. Shifted management model from strict hierarchy to empowered, decentralized, and collaborative. Morale and business results improved significantly. President said just one day of my work with one key executive was worth more than the fees for the whole two year engagement.

Worked with General Manager of a large company's credit card operation with a half billion dollar outstanding balance. My consulting assisted this organization in accomplishing a major business strategy change and huge system conversion with a breakthrough in effectiveness despite three previous failures. The General Manager said bringing Ollie in was his largest single contribution in his 30+ years with the company.

Management Highlights

Founded and managed project to produce breakthrough methodology for IBM development and manufacturing projects. Gained support of top management and operating management. Led the development and delivery of training and coaching of teams to produce breakthrough results in selected projects throughout the company. Factors of 2 and more in productivity gains are common using the program. Breakthroughs are still being produced from this project.

Managed and transformed IBM's European Systems Research Institute in LaHulpe, Belgium from a theory oriented education function to a product technology and marketing education orientation. Prepared leading European IBM Systems Engineers to cope with the emerging Japanese computer competition in Europe.

Established Executive Technology Board and defined the decision making process for IBM's Information Systems & Products Group to make technology investment decisions. Board made decisions in printer technology, I/O systems research and development, and in low cost electronics which increased competitiveness of more than 40 IBM products.

Redesigned (with a team of 5) IBM's intellectual property procedures. Modernized portfolio management process, idea evaluation process, and awards plan.

Volunteer Teaching

Developed and taught courses at BARD College Lifetime Learning Institute in Economics, Energy, and Knowledge.

Military Service

One of seven officers who managed the design of the electronic air defense system for North America. U S Air Force Captain.


  • Columbia University, M.S. E. E.
  • Mississippi State College, B.S. E. E.


  • Institute of Management Consultants
  • Executive Excellence Program
  • American Management Association
  • International Executive School
  • National Speakers Association
  • 3 U.S. Patents

Continuing Interest

  • National & International Economic Trends
  • World Energy - Present and Future
  • Economic Impact of Tax Structures
  • Local Economic, Environmental and Quality of Life
  • Researching Ideas with People of Differing Backgrounds and Points of View
  • Transforming Problems into Ideas, Actions and Results
  • Exploring Learning Modes with Grandchildren