Community Forum

Fishkill Sierra Suites Hotel
November 10, 2011

Approximately 50 community leaders, including a number who had not been involved previously, participated.

We reviewed the nature of the work to establish a community Education Aspiration Conversation with the intention of having our children a chieve beyond the norm of today. We discussed that unlike most education work, we are working differently and confidently intend to produce community wide benefits that cannot be achieved without broad community involvement.

We reviewed the previous community meetings and the work of the design group. The Design group had recommended a community aspiration. We worked through that work and settled on

"We believe that every child will succeed in school and life. Together we hold each other responsible and accountable for our children's greatness"

Then we broke into 4 work groups, to discuss and formulate the work groups to focus on our children's learning and to set and achieve goals in each area. Out of the 4 work groups, we identified 3 projects (teams) to develop and pursue to the end of improving children's lot in life. These areas are:

  • Ready for Kindergarten. The charge for this group is to devise a measurement that measures readiness, assess the current achievement levels, set goals, take actions to achieve the goals and measure the results, learn the shortcomings and do it again.
  • Reading at grade level or beyond at 4th grade.
  • Each student has an initial career plan by 8th grade. This is not to mean that the career plan is binding. It is to mean that students Who might otherwise drop out have an avenue of becoming successful, and tuning his/her learning to correspond to interests and innate capabilities. What a career plan is, how to measure this aspect, what actions are needed to develop a useful plan, and the achievement of their cohort are all work to be done.

In addition, notice the need to provide some coordination of the efforts, of telling the story, of obtaining needed resources, collaborating with organizations requires leadership work of the governance kind. There is a project to establish the overall structure for the effort and keep it focused on realizing the aspiration. We are calling this the steward project (team).

Our current step is to constitute the teams to take each of these efforts from the Aspiration Stage to the Action Stage. Anyone interested in learning more about these teams and how to participate in one or more of them, see our BLOG [hotlink] or CONTACT US [hotlink] Page.