The challenges we mention here are those we at Hudson Valley Focus see for ourselves. Those problems, impediments, needs for change, etc. for the community(ies) of the area we will mention elsewhere.

  • We are two people, and see tasks which will require the involvement of many others.
  • We have no independent funding so far, and have been supporting our efforts out of our private resources. Support from others to have meeting rooms, travel, web-site maintenance, etc. would be a great help.
  • We are dealing with problems with long-standing histories, a situation which has many area people resigned to live with rather than solve.
  • We have absolutely no authority from any enterprise or government to do what we are doing. We are but citizens who believe we can be of assistance in enabling our community to successful in reinvigorating itself.

Our experience tells us these challenges may be difficult. Our experience, gained over the last two decades, right here in the Hudson Valley, tells us, that with a region wide coordinated effort, these challenges can be overcome. We have the resources and the talent to overcome even formidable obstacles to achieve our regional objectives. Game On!