Best Qualities

The Hudson Valley is blessed with natural beauty, with abundant natural resources, with historical significance, a record of accomplishment, with great institutions, with strong and caring people, and with great potential for the future.

The Hudson Valley landscapes are beautiful, dramatic and well known the world around. The Hudson River is designated as an American Heritage River.

The abundant natural resources include forests, clean water, rich farmland, stone, cement and river transport and many other treasured attributes.

The Hudson was an important region for the American Indian culture. It was attractive for traders, trappers, farmers and other settlers from Europe and elsewhere. Freedoms defined in the transfer of the control from the Dutch to the English were foundations for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution's bill of rights.

Accomplishments are many and varied, including Robert Fulton's Steamboat, Samuel F B Morse's Morse Code and Telegraph, to Smith Brother's Cough drops, Vassar's beer, Astor's Fur Trading, Schatz' Bearings, Delaval milk separators and centrifuges, IBM's computers and microchips.

Institutions include Hospitals such as St. Benedictine, St. Francis, Vassar, Northern Dutchess, Kingston, St. Lukes, and others, Colleges such as Vassar, Marist, Bard, New Paltz, Mt. St. Marys, Junior colleges in Orange, Dutchess and Ulster Counties, and many other vital organizations.

Many of our residents are from families who came here several generations ago, while others are recent arrivals. This blend makes for stability on the one hand and fresh creativity on the other.

Our future is only limited by our aspirations and effort. Nothing is limiting our future except our own self-imposed barriers.