Aspiration to Action

The current step in turning our aspiration into accomplishment is to implement the action teams and take on the tasks to produce the results.

  • Action team #1 is readiness for kindergarten. Note that there has been ongoing work in this area which allows a jumpstart on this objective. The action team has chosen a small area as community for the team to begin with. That area is the north side of Poughkeepsie. Those interested in becoming a part of this effort should complete the contact form to initiate contact with the action team.
  • Action team #2 is 'everyone has a career plan'. The intention here is to create a student based study/learning plan for each student. The starting point is to have a career plan by the end of 8th grade. It can be argued that this is too early, and too late. The arguments are: 1) Too early for a student to have settled on a career, and 2) too late to have influenced getting the core skills necessary to succeed in a chosen career.

    Action team #2 expects have members from the school systems, including BOCES, Guidance, parents, colleges, industry, community leaders and others. This team is intended to:
    1. reduce the drop-out rate of students in secondary school.
    2. reduce the remedial workload at colleges so they can concentrate on college level courses
    3. validate the core subjects in primary school as foundations for all careers.
    4. assure viable pathways for career and technical qualification and work life.

Again, for those who wish to learn more about the team, and possible become a team member, please contact us. The contact us form is provided for your convenience.