Are we making the same movie? Are we playing the same game? Are we engaged as a team, playing to win the game? How can we work together more effectively to become the region we want to be? What positive forces can we create to help us get better results? What negative forces can we minimize to give us more freedom to succeed?

When Americans speak of sports, we have a sense of what it takes to succeed. We want to be the best. We want to improve with each game. We examine what we did well to be able to do it consistently. We examine what we need to improve to be more successful next game.

In business, it is the same kind of effectiveness and competitiveness that we strive for. In this case, the competitiveness means survival for the business, the ability to hire and pay employees, to provide a valued product for the customer.

However, in the sense of community, we don't seem as passionate, as focused, as collaborative, about improvements for the quality of life issues. And yet, our very success as a community is dependent on the roles of all members of the community.

Working together to achieve a common goal requires people working toward the same end, the same goal, a common dream. The deliberate conversations to create and improve community teamwork we call alignment. It occurs in many settings, it takes time, focus, understanding and insight. Hudson Valley Focus initiates, participates in, and fosters conversations to actively increase alignment in our community.