About HV Focus

When we think of Mid-Hudson, we think of a core roughly consisting of Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties, with perhaps some adjoining areas that have common interests. The common attributes and common interests form the foundation for shaping the region's future.

Hudson Valley Focus begins with a Vision, our expression of the desired future of the Mid-Hudson valley. Note here that each person sees our area from his/her own perspectives. So it is natural that we would have different expressions of our personal, local or organization vision. One of the areas for work to achieve a region of excellence is to collaborate on a vision for the region, one that all our residents can agree on and work toward achieving.

To achieve our vision, or any vision, requires not only identifying our intended future, but also being clear about our current state of affairs. What are our strong points? What resources do we have that serve us well now and we want to maintain?

Having expressed a vision to guide us, we see more clearly what is standing in our path to that vision. These are exactly the barriers to be overcome, the problems to be solved, the work to be done to adjust our current path to one which produces our envisioned future. While it is human nature to try and avoid problems, without them, we would not know what work is required to achieve a desired result. Hudson Valley Focus has developed an initial list called Our Hurdles. This list of hurdles will change as we work with others to establish a common regional vision.

As we make progress on our journey toward our vision, we will establish plans and measure our progress. We will need to identify the measures we will use, the methodology for measurement, and the goals for each project (initiative).